Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The Midnight Hour is at hand;
With Fear creeping across the land.
The beginning of the end, is A2;
question is,will you make it through?

But making it through isn't it,
your grades could still be shit.
Making it great is what counts,
and as we work the pressure mounts.

While we work and study,
We start to remember our buddies.
As we start to reminisce,
Dammit, I can't find anything to rhyme with this.

I feel like studying is all i know,
No chicks no fun, no nothing but sorrow.
But soon my friends we shall be free,
and on the Cambridge shield we shall pee.

No more DotA, no more CS,
Off to get my BS.
Once again we go our separate ways,
But no my friends, this is not the end of our days.

For we shall meet once again,
In a year, or ten,
For bonds were formed that were so strong,
They could not be broken by any wrong.

So let us smile and rejoice,
While we re-sit our multiple choice.
For in the end we all know,
that there's happiness and no sorrow.

I bid good luck to all my friends,
and as we go through A2's loops and bends,
let us not forget the awesome mix,

that was 0606.

by abhay & aditya

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